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Photographs, Time and Cakes

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and was very surprised when I came across this vintage photograph in a post by A Subtle Revelry.

Vintage Photo ca. 1940.

It’s so similar to photographs I took of my dad on his Birthday a few years ago! My favorite part was the reflection of candles in his glasses.



This is a spring collection of sneakers inspired by Gola and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (during the cherry blossom festival). They go with the basketball shoes I recently posted. It’s a vintage-inspired collection of plimsolls updated with fun materials and patterns. You can see the designs and a swatch collection I pulled to use with them.

Vintage Patterns

Vintage patterns are a fun (and potentially inexpensive) way to get brand new vintage clothing. You can make sure that the garment fits you, select fabrics you prefer and change the design to update it or add personal flare. I found some amazing designs in my recent search and would like to share them with you.

Simplicity #2396, 1950's

Simplicity #2219, 1950's

Givenchy for Vogue #2208, 1960's

Fabiani for Vogue #2065, 1960's

Oscar de la Renta for Vogue #1645, 1985

Givenchy for Vogue 2047, 1980's

Happy sewing.

Inspired by Vintage Fabric

I recently got some amazing vintage fabric from Enid, my friend and mentor, who lets me rummage through her attic once in a while in search of clothing, fabrics and patterns, which I am very thankful for. I will share some of the beautiful dresses with you in an upcoming post. For now I would like to show you some the wonderful prints and the design ideas they gave me.

A lot of the time when I see a piece of fabric, I know exactly what it’s supposed to become. The thick gold brocade (a leftover scrap from armchair upholstery) will make a wonderful bag, especially with the sparkling brown leather, which I already happened to have lying around, used for handles and trim. I love the flower print on the thick gray cotton; I’m thinking – makeup case.

This cotton is light and airy, but sophisticated. The dress design popped into my head almost immediately.

This fabric is actually a tablecloth. I like it so much that a part of me wanted to keep it as a tablecloth, but after some thought I decided that I’d rather wear it. There is a stripe print along the entire edge. I want to use the striped print along the hem and the lilly of the valley pattern on the rest of the dress. Wish I could make a more involved design, but the fabric is quite thick lending itself to a basic summer dress.

Unlike handbags and shoes, which I can make patterns for based on a simple sketch, making clothing is a hobby for me. Most of the time I use purchased patterns that I sometimes alter to fit my design ideas. I have found some suitable patterns from Simplicity and should be able to start sewing the dresses in about a week.