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Mail Surprises

I love snail mail, especially small packages. This is a gift I put together for a friend’s birthday. Hopefully it will give you some fun ideas and inspire you to surprise someone.

I recycled Birchbox packaging by gluing a card on top of the box; the tissue paper and shipping carton it came with also came in handy.

You can put glitter or confetti into a greeting card before sealing it in an envelope (place it with the card’s spine facing down). The recipient will get an unexpected glitter shower when they open it.

I filled the bottom of the box with tissue paper and flowers I cut out of felt.

For a heartfelt gift of a wish – wrap a birthday candle in a small box (I decorated this one with origami paper).

Some other fun items you can include: stickers, costume jewelry, balloons, key chains, notebooks, and candy. If you make sure that the items weigh under 13 0z, you can just drop the package into a mail box instead of going to the post office.

Most importantly – have fun with it. Happy Mail Day.


Traveling Sephora Box

Traveling Sephora Boxes appeared on Sephora’s messaging boards about two years ago. They are a fun way to share your makeup stash with others and get some goodies in return (new products only). The rules are very simple: you receive the box in the mail, take whatever you want out of it, replace it with something of same or greater value and send the box to the next person. I participated in TSB’s before and recently started one of my own. This is what the box looked like when I sent it out. Can’t wait to see what it will look like at the end of its trip.

Photos from Cambodia coming up next!

-Edit 04/12: Unfortunately this box was stolen by one of the participants-