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News and Updates

I’ve been busy working on new exciting projects, including a collaborative Etsy shop, and finishing up my school work. Below is a sneak peek of my thesis. If you are in NYC, I invite you to come see the amazing work done by the graduating class at the Fashion Institute of Technology Design Museum. The work will be on view till May 22.


Sewing Break

I’ve been busy working on my thesis. I designed four handbags and am in the process of sewing them and creating accompanying artwork. Can’t wait to finish and share the results with all of you.

This is a bag I made a year ago (you can see it mentioned here and here on the blog). The photo was taken by a good friend, A Vee Photo who is also a part of the duo at Ian and Inna Photography; you should go see her wonderful work.

Summer Clutch

Hi everyone, sorry for my short absence. I was away visiting A Vee, we got some amazing work done. I love collaborating with her, she is a great artist and friend. I wish we could work together more often. Don’t forget to check out more of her photography, she is always listed under “links” in the sidebar.

Clutch: Handmade and designed by CandleAshes. Hot pink and lime green sheepskin, hot pink silk lining.
Photography: A Vee Photo

Hobo Bag

I have been working on a new bag. The front and back of this zippered hobo bag are gathered for a full look. I made a muslin mock-up and adjusted the patterns; will be doing a lot of sewing in the next couple of days. Below are my mock-up, patterns, lining, material and hardware selection for the final, and a sketch.

Aborigines Sandal

I am beginning research for theatrical footwear based on a fairy tale and set in the Medieval/Resonance times. Still in the process of choosing a fairy tale to focus on; The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories of Hans Christian Andersen will get a lot of use in the next couple of weeks. The project is in its beginning stages, but it reminded me of the first shoe prototype I ever made (and pretty much the first shoe I ever designed). It was inspired by early Grecian, Roman and Medieval footwear.

Envelope Bag with Weaving

This is the finished envelope bag that I mentioned in a previous post. This bag was designed and made by me using original patterns. I designed the flap ornamentation to match the lining I selected. Cowhide outer with decorative leather weaving and reverse applique, printed cotton lining, interior step up pocket. Magnetic snap closure and removable shoulder strap.

All photography done by A Vee Photo.

City Tote

Photos of my finished work are finally here! All of the photography below was done by the wonderful A Vee Photo (you can find a permanent link to her portfolio under Links in the sidebar). Special thanks to A-Images for letting us use the space. More projects coming soon.

This tote bag was designed and made by me using original patterns. Cinched cowhide outer with magnetic snap closure, printed cotton lining and interior wall pocket.

clothing credits