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Mail Surprises

I love snail mail, especially small packages. This is a gift I put together for a friend’s birthday. Hopefully it will give you some fun ideas and inspire you to surprise someone.

I recycled Birchbox packaging by gluing a card on top of the box; the tissue paper and shipping carton it came with also came in handy.

You can put glitter or confetti into a greeting card before sealing it in an envelope (place it with the card’s spine facing down). The recipient will get an unexpected glitter shower when they open it.

I filled the bottom of the box with tissue paper and flowers I cut out of felt.

For a heartfelt gift of a wish – wrap a birthday candle in a small box (I decorated this one with origami paper).

Some other fun items you can include: stickers, costume jewelry, balloons, key chains, notebooks, and candy. If you make sure that the items weigh under 13 0z, you can just drop the package into a mail box instead of going to the post office.

Most importantly – have fun with it. Happy Mail Day.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Seven countries in three weeks! It took me much longer than that to go through and edit all of the photos. I definitely want to go back to many of these countries and spend more time exploring them. Though it was not a very restful vacation, it surely was an exciting one.

I spent most of my last vacation day at the park and butterfly garden.

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Rosette How to

Making your own rosettes is easy and they look very impressive. You can use one as a brooch or use a bunch to decorate a gown.

In order to make this you will need several strips of fabric cut on a bias (45 degree angle). The length and width of the strips will determine the size of your rosette (I am using a 3 x 18″ strip for my first layer). Fold the strip in half and overcast stitch around all cut edges. This stitch is good for gathering and will keep your rosette from fraying. I recommend millinery Hy-Mark #24 thread for this (it’s waxed and very strong). Make sure to use thread long enough for the job.

Tightly gather the strip, overlap the edges and stitch them in place. You have finished your first petal layer.

Take your second strip of fabric. It should be shorter and less wide than the first one (mine is 2 x 13″). Repeat all the steps you did to make the first layer. Place the second petal layer on top of the first one and overcast stitch them together. Continue making smaller layers using the same technique until your rosette is full.

I decorated my rosette with seed beads. I will make it into a brooch for a beret that is a part of my 1940-50’s inspired millinery collection.

Happy sewing.

Flower Bracelet DIY

I really enjoy making beaded jewelry; it’s an inexpensive way to create very impressive pieces. This is Field of Daisies, a bracelet I made using glass seed beads strung with fishing line.

These are instructions for making the flower pattern that the bracelet above is based on. Try making one of your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment.