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News and Updates

I’ve been busy working on new exciting projects, including a collaborative Etsy shop, and finishing up my school work. Below is a sneak peek of my thesis. If you are in NYC, I invite you to come see the amazing work done by the graduating class at the Fashion Institute of Technology Design Museum. The work will be on view till May 22.


Thesis Progress

Some of the steps involved in making a tote bag. I love watching as a quick sketch becomes a functional three-dimensional object. No matter how many bags I make, I always feel a bit surprised by this.

Meet Jenny and Juliet

This was my entry for a contest I recently participated in. A dress shoe and boot for upcoming fall. The design is based on mixing materials and utilizes: herringbone, leather and a jelly strap with stainless steel accents.

Tea and Company

My friend, Roman, took these in early November. He is a brilliant mathematician who never puts down his camera. I used to feel frustrated by this fact, but seeing these photos is making me reconsider. This is how I entertain guests – drinking tea on my front steps. Nothing fancy, but I rather enjoy it.

Bag: Tokidoki for LeSportsac, Top: Abercrombie & Fitch, Jeans: BDG, Jacket: H&M, Shoes: Nike.

I Live/ I Love

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration.

There is still time to see I Live/ I Love, a group gallery show featuring everything from photography and painting to 3D and 4 D work by young artists and designers. The gallery is open 12-6pm daily. The show will be up till January 7. 658 Broadway, Suite 404, New York, NY.



This is a spring collection of sneakers inspired by Gola and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (during the cherry blossom festival). They go with the basketball shoes I recently posted. It’s a vintage-inspired collection of plimsolls updated with fun materials and patterns. You can see the designs and a swatch collection I pulled to use with them.

Basketball Shoes

Some of my basketball shoe designs. A vintage feel with material update. Bringing fashion and performance together.