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Mail Surprises

I love snail mail, especially small packages. This is a gift I put together for a friend’s birthday. Hopefully it will give you some fun ideas and inspire you to surprise someone.

I recycled Birchbox packaging by gluing a card on top of the box; the tissue paper and shipping carton it came with also came in handy.

You can put glitter or confetti into a greeting card before sealing it in an envelope (place it with the card’s spine facing down). The recipient will get an unexpected glitter shower when they open it.

I filled the bottom of the box with tissue paper and flowers I cut out of felt.

For a heartfelt gift of a wish – wrap a birthday candle in a small box (I decorated this one with origami paper).

Some other fun items you can include: stickers, costume jewelry, balloons, key chains, notebooks, and candy. If you make sure that the items weigh under 13 0z, you can just drop the package into a mail box instead of going to the post office.

Most importantly – have fun with it. Happy Mail Day.


News and Updates

I’ve been busy working on new exciting projects, including a collaborative Etsy shop, and finishing up my school work. Below is a sneak peek of my thesis. If you are in NYC, I invite you to come see the amazing work done by the graduating class at the Fashion Institute of Technology Design Museum. The work will be on view till May 22.

Thesis Progress

Some of the steps involved in making a tote bag. I love watching as a quick sketch becomes a functional three-dimensional object. No matter how many bags I make, I always feel a bit surprised by this.

Sewing Break

I’ve been busy working on my thesis. I designed four handbags and am in the process of sewing them and creating accompanying artwork. Can’t wait to finish and share the results with all of you.

This is a bag I made a year ago (you can see it mentioned here and here on the blog). The photo was taken by a good friend, A Vee Photo who is also a part of the duo at Ian and Inna Photography; you should go see her wonderful work.

The Martha Stewart Show

I got to see the Martha Stewart Show live last week. I was surprised that the show usually feels a lot more enjoyable when I see it on television. It was fun to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse at everything, but being told when to clap and laugh isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. Joey Kola did a great job at keeping the audience engaged though; I will definitely have to check out some of his stand-up. The episode will air on Wednesday, February 8 – we can play “Where’s Waldo?”

I will continue to post photos from my trip in the following months. I have five more countries to share with you.


Christmas Morning

I’m sure Santa Came to my house last night; he ate some cookies and drank all the milk. I know most people would say that I’m way too old for this, but my cookie plate is getting more sophisticated as I get older – Santa got Godiva cookies this year.

My stocking is always filled with fruit.

I love making ornaments for my Christmas tree. You can see a tutorial for this Finnish Star at Craft Ideas.

Shoes at Home

Is anyone else making shoes in their bathroom or is it just me?

This is just a mockup, but I have made fully functional shoes with close to zero equipment before. Sorry that the image quality isn’t ideal, I just thought this was funny and had to share. Treating myself to a new camera for Christmas, really excited.