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What Traveling with my dad is like:

You are in Singapore. He asks you if you’d like to go to the beach. Why, sure you would! Next thing you know – you are in Indonesia.

P.S. If someone offers you gong gong (sea snail) – eat them and get some beer.

The Sands, Singapore

I fell in love with Singapore the moment I got off the plane. The architecture and efficiency of this city are truly amazing. Hope I’ll get to go back some day.

Angkor, Cambodia

The ancient ruins of Angkor are almost 1000 years old. It’s not only amazing that they are still standing, but that visitors are allowed to interact with them with very minimal supervision. “Climb at your own risk” is often the sole safety measure; and I surely did.


Angkor Wat

There is a scale model of Angkor Wat at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.