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Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant is a great place to unwind and chat with a friend. I usually get the creme brulee doughnut. Creme brulee is my favorite dessert and doughnut form makes it even better. Nothing can beat that burnt sugar and custard taste.

Lisa, my usual partner in crime for food adventures, got a latte and a pistachio doughnut. I will definitely continue to come back here, there are a lot of doughnuts to try (square, jam filled, rose petal – you name it). Everything is delicious and this is the only place I know with a fully mirror-tiled restroom with a disco ball.



Vegan fast food with great taste? A friend took me to Foodswings for an amazing birthday lunch. The chick’n parmigiana sandwich was crunchy and filling and didn’t make me miss the meat at all. I think this would be an easy way to convince someone that vegan food is not all carrots and lettuce and it’s a great spot, even if you do eat meat. They offer a “midnight munchies” menu on Fridays and Saturdays 11pm-2am. [Keep in mind: vegan doesn’t have to equal to “good for you,” it’s fast food and most of the stuff is fried]


The midterms are over and it was time for a little celebration. When my friend suggested we get tapas, I eagerly agreed. Finding out that they were going to be Korean—made me question the choice. Upon arrival, MONO+MONO had me even more confused because the decor feels like a rustic jazz bar fell into the hands of a steampunk fanatic. MONO+MONO quickly won me over with a friendly staff, cozy atmosphere and great food. Where else can you see and hear 30,000 vinyl jazz records?

You can see right into the kitchen from the dining room. The kitchen staff always looked like they were having a great time.

We got the Soju Cocktail Sampler: lychee, strawberry, lime/mint, and blueberry milk. I must admit that the drinks weren’t that great. I would consider ordering lychee again, if I was in a particularly girly mood. The other options fell short on taste. This meal really called for a beer.

The Crispy Pork Bun was juicy and crunchy and provided a good foundation for what was to come.

The MONO+MONO fries are amazing. These thick wedge cut, skin-on, rosemary sprinkled fries come with three sauces: spicy mayo, ketchup and hot bacon mustard. I’m not sure why they bother to serve the ketchup at all. It’s not mentioned in the menu and it tastes like (and very well may be) Heinz. We left it pretty much intact, but the other two sauces were completely gone by the time we were done with the meal.

The wings were also great. Crunchy and a bit spicy with a dry heat. My friend thinks that the wings at Pour George were better because they were more saturated, but I can’t decide between the two.

I will definitely be coming back here. The MONO+MONO Happy Hour Special sounds like a great plan if you have three other friends to bring with you (it’s designed for four people).

Sundays are for Shoes, Beer and Dessert

I got to go to the pre-grand opening at the new DSW NYC location last Sunday. I resisted buying any new shoes, but picked up this LeSportsac makeup case by the cash registers while waiting for my friend to pay for her purchase. This DSW will open to the public on March 8 and is located at 213 W34 St.

We had lunch at Pour George, a sports bar and restaurant. There was a large group of people playing Jenga and Connect Four while watching a basketball game. Once they left, the television remained on, but its sound was replaced by The Black Keys and other alternative rock; candles were placed on all shelves and tables in preparation for the dinner crowd. We got beer samplers, sliders and wings. The wings were particularly delicious. I have a soft spot for any bar that serves great food and offers you wet-naps.

We also went to Kyotofu for dessert. The ambiance was too dark for photos, but do have their sweet tofu panna cotta or creme brulee with a sparkling sake if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

The Martha Stewart Show

I got to see the Martha Stewart Show live last week. I was surprised that the show usually feels a lot more enjoyable when I see it on television. It was fun to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse at everything, but being told when to clap and laugh isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. Joey Kola did a great job at keeping the audience engaged though; I will definitely have to check out some of his stand-up. The episode will air on Wednesday, February 8 – we can play “Where’s Waldo?”

I will continue to post photos from my trip in the following months. I have five more countries to share with you.


Lunch at Cha-An

I met a friend for lunch at Cha-An yesterday. It’s a cozy Japanese tea house that specializes in a side of Japanese cuisine you rarely get to sample in NYC, a city mostly filled with sushi bars. I had the lunch special: shrimp and eggplant over a bed of rice with toppings (greens in peanut sauce and pickles) and Japanese green tea. My friend and I shared freshly baked scones with cream and jam for dessert (not exactly Japanese, but delicious). There are several pages of tea you can choose from in the menu. Cha-An also offers private tea ceremonies – that sounds like fun, I’ll let you know when I try it.

Books: because Anthony Bourdain won’t sign your Kindle

I decided to drop my “Book of the Month” category and created a Book List in the blog sidebar instead (I will list books I am currently reading/using there). It’s a fun way to share something about myself and a very quick book review. I will only list books I like, then you can check them out and see if you like them as well.

This has been a great book week for me. I went to Anthony Bourdain’s book signing on Tuesday. He is as funny in person as you would expect. I didn’t get a chance to read Medium Raw yet, but Kitchen Confidential is a very good and sincere read.

I also got the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Met catalogue this week. It is absolutely gorgeous and everyone should get one before they are sold out. The layout is very simple: large format photographs with quotes from Alexander McQueen serving as the only explanation to what you are seeing. The cover features a lenticular print, a bit of old-school technology that I find rather fitting. My only issue with this book is its lack of a dust jacket. I can’t believe that a coffee table book, especially of such otherwise high quality, would come without one. This edition is cloth bound and merely comes with a paper insert that can be seen in the photos below.

I am looking forward to seeing the show next week.