Books: because Anthony Bourdain won’t sign your Kindle

I decided to drop my “Book of the Month” category and created a Book List in the blog sidebar instead (I will list books I am currently reading/using there). It’s a fun way to share something about myself and a very quick book review. I will only list books I like, then you can check them out and see if you like them as well.

This has been a great book week for me. I went to Anthony Bourdain’s book signing on Tuesday. He is as funny in person as you would expect. I didn’t get a chance to read Medium Raw yet, but Kitchen Confidential is a very good and sincere read.

I also got the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Met catalogue this week. It is absolutely gorgeous and everyone should get one before they are sold out. The layout is very simple: large format photographs with quotes from Alexander McQueen serving as the only explanation to what you are seeing. The cover features a lenticular print, a bit of old-school technology that I find rather fitting. My only issue with this book is its lack of a dust jacket. I can’t believe that a coffee table book, especially of such otherwise high quality, would come without one. This edition is cloth bound and merely comes with a paper insert that can be seen in the photos below.

I am looking forward to seeing the show next week.


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