Felt is a fun and forgiving material to work with. This is Dino, a felt toy with rotating arms and legs that I designed and made.

Now you can make one too! The patterns below are my original design and are for personal use only. Click on the image to get full size and print on a half sheet of 8.5 x 11″ paper.

Felt (two contrasting colors)
Matching thread (embroidery floss recommended, use one strand for sewing)
Two black seed beads (optional)
Polyester or cotton stuffing
Sewing Instructions:
Print patterns and cut all fabric
Embroider eyebrows on Body as marked
Sew seed beads on Body, as marked (or embroider eyes with a french knot, especially if making toy for small children)
Blanket stitch the center of Belly together on reverse side
Blanket stitch Spikes to Body on dash-line matching tail ends
Blanket stitch Tail to the bottom of Body matching tail ends
Stuff tail
Blanket stitch Belly to Body and Tail
Stuff toy and blanket stitch face of Body closed
Blanket stitch and stuff Arms and Legs
Pin both arms to toy where desired and secure them by making a small stitch all the way through the body several times in the same place
Repeat with legs

6 responses to “Dino

  1. Where do you purchase felt usually? I picked up crocheting recently and a few project use felt but I’m not familiar with craft stores just yet haha. Nonethless, that little dino came out so cute!

    • You can try Save-a-Thon at 2452 Flatbush Ave. if you find yourself near King’s Plaza, that place is not the best, more of a discount store for crafts, but is in Brooklyn and cheap. The Pearl Paint craft center on Canal Street is good. Michaels at 808 Columbus Ave. is great for all sort of stuff, if you don’t mind going that far uptown (it’s near W 100 St.). Those are the main ones, but there are a lot of little stores around the Fashion district and almost any craft store will carry craft felt. I’d wait till you need a bunch of stuff and take a trip to Michaels, if you get excited by crafty things, that place is like a candy store 🙂

  2. Haha, so cute and nicely made. I saw your other creations and I think you are really skilled dear.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. love this! looks amazing!
    nice blog!
    come and check out mine on:

  4. I want Dino… but I can’t do the sewing so I rather buy it. LOL!



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