Concord Free Press (Book of the Month)

This month’s Book of the Month is not just one book, it’s an entire publishing company. One more good thing about real paper and ink books – they support charity work.

Concord Free Press is a publisher of free books. That’s right, you can pick up one of their books absolutely free. In return, they ask that you donate as much as you see fit to any charity of your choice. You can pick up a book at a participating book store or have the publisher send you one free of charge. When you are done reading, you should report your contribution on the publisher’s website, sign the book with your name and location and pass it on to someone else, so people can keep giving. I just registered my copy of Gregory Maguire’s The Next Queen of Heaven.

This is what the publisher wrote on their website:

We’re here because we love books. And not just ours. We think books are worth even more than Wal-Mart could ever know. And we’re trying to revalue books, not devalue books. We like the smell of ink. And mailing beautiful books (for free) to people around the world. We like seeing people try to figure out the catch (hint: there isn’t one). But most importantly, we’d love to hear what you have to say. As long as it’s not rude or mean or about Internet pharmaceuticals. So do a little of this (we’re holding our hands up and pretending to type) and get your thoughts out to the growing Concord Free Press community.


4 responses to “Concord Free Press (Book of the Month)

  1. Света, привет! Ты была моим Secret Santa на postcrossing-форуме. Хочу сказать, что подарок прибыл! Причём прибыл вовремя — я забрала его с почты 30.12 (но не было времени отписаться).

    До НГ не дотерпела, открыла сразу)) И ТАК обрадовалась! Просто прыгала от счастья! Я так давно хотела попробовать лавандовый чай — теперь он у меня есть! Я добавляю лаванду в чёрный чай, мне очень нравится. Пью перед сном, т.к. лаванда известна своим седативным эффектом. Серёжки тоже очень понравились, особенно cupcake-shaped, в самый раз для такого дитяти, как я)

    Большое, просто огромное спасибо за подарок! Я очень рада, что мне досталась именно ты))) C наступившим Новым годом!

  2. Although I did not start reading it yet, I did donate to Bidawee (shelter where we got Russell) and register the book. If I cannot find anyone to pass it down to, please let me know if you know someone who might be interested in continuing the cycle.

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