Operation Santa Claus

Today I would like to share an amazing opportunity to remember the true meaning of Christmas with you. Yesterday a couple of my friends and I made our annual trip to the James Farley Post Office (located on 34th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan) to participate in Operation Santa Claus. The post office collects all the letters written to Santa during the year and allows volunteers to read them, pick one (or more) and send the child presents for Christmas. A lot of the letters come from low income families, children often ask for clothes instead of toys. The life stories some children share with Santa are heartbreaking, but the kids remain optimistic. You can pick a letter that speaks to you and help that child have a nice holiday. I think that this is a rewarding experience and encourage you to participate.

Operation Santa Claus in NYC serves only its five boroughs. There are other Operation Santa Claus posts through out the country, but I don’t have specific information about them. Contact your main post office branch for more details.

There are stricter guidelines for participation this year. You need a state or federal issued ID in order to read and sign out the letters. Once you pick the letters you want, you will be given ID numbers for each one of them. You will need to bring the gifts packaged for mailing back to the Main Post Office and provide the ID number for each package at which point an Operation Santa Claus Staff member will put the correct address on the box for you and tell you how much to pay for the postage.

P.S. I didn’t get to sew my bag yet, so I don’t have my in-progress shots, but they will be uploaded by Wednesday. I spent the whole day gluing the bag in preparation for sewing. If you ever throw away an old handbag, take it apart for curiosity’s sake and see how much glue and tape there is holding it together on the inside prior to stitching, it’s pretty amazing.


4 responses to “Operation Santa Claus

  1. i would like to know if there is any way to do anything being far away from the post office in Manhattan?? I m in India … looking forward to hear from you….

  2. for all you early xmas people !!!! lol x

  3. oh santa would you sent me a gift!

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