“We Don’t Mind the Gap”

A new trend seems to have taken over the fashion world – gaped teeth. It seems that the public outcries against very skinny models and overuse of Photoshop has lead to a demand of models with tattoos, scars and other distinguishing characteristics, but the gap is the most vogue of them all. I always knew that people would eventually get tired of the “Hollywood” smile, since everyone can purchase one and has done so – it gets boring, but I never thought it would be so soon. I don’t remember a trend ever sparking such a stir of controversy. Having perfectly straight teeth seems to be tied deeply to the public’s sense of right and wrong, at least in the United States. The gaped teeth trend originated in Europe; European models have had crooked teeth in the past, they just weren’t necessarily celebrated for them the way they are now. American fashion industry is definitely jumping on the band wagon.

Ashley Smith. 1am cover. July/August 2010

Ashley Smith

Georgia May Jagger for Rimmel London

Lara Stone for Prada

Lindsey Wixson


3 responses to ““We Don’t Mind the Gap”

  1. So gapped teeth are in now? Shit…should never have paid 2k to have mine fixed. I could have been famous!

  2. Great post! I noticed that couple months ago and thought it seemed funny, now I noticed Abbey Lee didn’t have a gap back in the day, now she does. Weird.

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