(On Books) Wonder Bear

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I try to be diligent about my posts, but sometimes life gets in the way. Now I am back.

My friends and I are starting to notice that books are becoming less available and more expensive. You can easily see this trend by walking into the Barnes and Noble on Union Square where toys and children’s educational materials have taken over a large portion of the second floor and many book shelves have been removed to make room for seating that people use while they browse through magazines. I blame the electronic readers for this. Although I see the convenience of such devices, there is a spirit that books and printed materials embody that a machine could never convey. Books have their own smell and texture, each is its own unique experience with a different type selection, paper weight, size and binding. I think each book is an art piece and cherish my collection, which grows every month.

I will be doing monthly book reviews to tell you about some of my favorite titles and to inspire you to collect books of your own. These will often be art and children’s books and other publications you just can’t put on a nook or kindle.


Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu

I would like to start with Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu because this book doesn’t have a single word in it, so you can only acquire it in hard copy. It is a magical story about two children who are taken on a colorful adventure by a bear who appeared from a flower, which sprouted from a hat they had planted. The orange, blue and green color scheme of the book is very appealing and so is the style in which the characters are drawn. Each spread is a unique story filled with a lot of detail. The illustrations are so captivating that the reader forgets about the notion of type in a book and becomes a direct participant in this imaginary world. A person of any age would appreciate this wonderful book that provides an escape into childhood.


Illustration from Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu












Illustration for Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu


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