Cut from Different Cloth

I recently saw Cut from Different Cloth: Burqas and Beliefs, a documentary created by Cliff Orloff and Olga Shalygin. The film follows the journey of Serena, a 27-year-old dance teacher from California living in Afghanistan with Hasina, a 27-year-old doctor and feminist, and Hasina’s family. Cut from Different Cloth takes the viewer into the seldom seen world of Afghan women.

I cannot describe how powerful this film is and how important it is that everyone see it. This is a rare chance to see past the differences between us, to discover the lives that are hidden from us, to understand.

Please obtain a copy of this documentary and watch it, it’s life changing.

"Cut from Differnt Cloth: Burqas and Beliefs"


2 responses to “Cut from Different Cloth

  1. wow, awesome! where did you see it?!

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