I recently began participating in the ToyVoyagers online community. It is a website that connects people from all over the world and allows them to travel vicariously through their toys. Users send their plush animals to hosts in other cities and countries who take photos of the toy’s travels and post them on a blog (think traveling gnome from Amelie). It’s a really fun and imaginative way to make friends, learn about other cultures and see places you otherwise might not get a chance to. Each ToyVoyager has a personal profile, travel map, wish list and blog. You can activate up to five ToyVoyagers free of charge, so you should definitely participate.

My ToyVoyager, Edward, is currently in the Czech Republic and has recently vacationed in Austria. His future destinations include Japan and Australia. You can follow his travels here.

I am currently hosting Luke, who is a part of the Special Police Division in Australia. He really wanted to see New York and meet some members of the NYPD. You can follow his adventures here.




One response to “ToyVoyagers

  1. hehe Edward is having a good time for sure. I also find an empty Union Sq. to be a unique sight.

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