Vogue Italia September 2010

I don’t usually review current fashion, but Vogue Italia September 2010 is so unique that it is definitely noteworthy. There has been some recent debate on whether magazines, especially fashion magazines, will soon become obsolete due to increasing interest in internet-based information (such as blogs). Well, if magazines continue to be as cutting edge as Vogue Italia, they will be able to hold their own. The September 2010 issue, featuring Miranda Kerr photographed by Steven Meisel, is printed in 3D and comes with special glasses for viewing. The photography is gorgeous as is, but 3D definitely adds an extra level of interest. The photographs could be seen as racy by some (there is frontal nudity in one of them), but I think they are very artistic and wish American magazines were as bold with their editorial choices. You can see some of the photographs below. If you happen to have 3D glasses – this is the time to use them (or you can make some by following these instructions). I’ll see you at the newsstand.

P.S. You can download a fun free lighthearted song mix at Kate Spade.com

Vogue Italia September 2010

Vogue Italia September 2010

Vogue Italia September 2010


One response to “Vogue Italia September 2010

  1. I love Italian Vogue. It is always the best for fashion and photography, and everything cutting edge that will take at least a year to come to the US. Thank you for the reminder – the September issue is definitely one to pick up.

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