Macaron Cafe

I have a new obsession with macarons. I found the Macaron Cafe during my search for the perfect macaron in NYC. The cafe itself is quite small, more of a shop that has two tables squeezed into it (at least the 7 Ave. location is, I have not been to the one on Madison), which can be either cozy or claustrophobic depending on your mood. The brightly colored decor doesn’t help with the crowded feeling and the tables are usually occupied, so I get my macarons to go. They are divine and you should definitely try some. My favorite flavors so far are rose, cassis and chocolate-passionfruit. The Macaron Cafe also serves sandwiches and salad for lunch, can’t personally speak for these, but it is always very crowded and the sandwiches sell out by 3 pm or so.

Macaron Cafe. Annie Tritt for New York Times May 21, 2008.

I got a box of macarons for my mom today. The silk scarf in the background is a gift from my friend Shan of StreetCred. She was going to use it as lining in one of her handbags (she only wears the scarves she designs), but I loved it so much that she gave it to me instead. Her gift came with a request – to see a photo of me wearing it. I wore the scarf today, but there wasn’t anyone around to snap a photo; hope this counts.


One response to “Macaron Cafe

  1. Hey sista!
    Thanks for using the silk scarf in such an elegant manner. It goes well with the macaroons. I have been to the Macron Cafe on Madison Avenue and they are really yummy. 🙂

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