Ducky Case How to

I made this elephant coin purse using a pattern from a vintage Russian toy book.

This Ducky  Case was inspired by the elephant coin purse. I made it for a friend’s birthday. Felt outer with cotton lining and googly eyes.

Here are the patterns for the Ducky Case, so you can make one as well. Original design and patterns created by me. This pattern is for personal use only.

Click on the pattern to get whole size. Print full page on 8.5 x 11″ paper.

Felt, Cotton, 5″ Decorative zipper, Embroidery floss, Thread, 2 googly eyes
Print pattern and cut all fabric
Blanket stitch wings to body on the dash-line
Back stitch beak to body
Blanket stitch body, leaving room for zipper
Blanket stitch beak
Sew lining bottom and side using sewing machine or back stitch by hand
Clip and trim lining seams
Press under 1/2″ of lining
Sandwich zipper between ling and outside and back stitch
Glue googly eyes to body


3 responses to “Ducky Case How to

  1. ducky is doing fine with plenty of quarters inside. just curious, what inside pattern did you use for the elephant? same as the duck?

  2. These are super cute!

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