The Kitchen

I visited The Kitchen today to see the current exhibition, The Absolutely Other (on view through August 7). The exhibit is free and you should definitely visit if you enjoy interactive art (or if you’d like to try something new). The Absolutely Other is a group show that includes “New York-based artists who make work with, for, and about strangers.” All of the work creates a moment of tension, makes personal connections and/or tells a story. A piece that embodies all of the above, in my opinion, is Nancy Hwang’s Meet Me at Home, 2006. I had the privilege of having a gallery tour with the artist, who said that she tries not to exhibit her work twice. I’m glad that Meet Me at Home became an exception to the rule. Without giving too much away – pick up the phone and someone might answer. Another piece that connects strangers is Hope Hilton’s When I am Reading I am Far Away, 2010, which allows you to participate in a book exchange (like Swaptree with recommendations instead of requests); it also provides you with an address to send books to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. I have added my address to the list and will let you know about my further participation in the project. The Absolutely Other is a show for those adventurous at heart that embodies the spirit of the city and comments on/builds relationships. Each piece in the show connects to the central theme in its own unique way that is sure to surprise. Don’t forget to stop by The High Line while you are in the neighborhood.

Nancy Hwang, Meet Me at Home, 2006


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